Following extensive discussion internally and externally, Arden has generated a set of values which apply across the whole range of its business. These inform decision-making and actions and inform the way that we operate as an organisation. A key element of this is that these values will be embedded into the design and delivery of programmes. The four values relate to:

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Across the whole of the programme it is intended that students will exit with a range of behaviours to complement the skills and knowledge that they gain. By the conclusion of the course they will have been fully supported and be able to act in a similar way towards others. They will understand how to act with integrity having considered issues from a range of different perspectives and studied relevant topics such as ethics and CSR. Through an emphasis on creativity and problem solving they will be able to address issues in innovative ways. Finally they will be able to take personal responsibility for their own learning and development and to develop as fully autonomous learners.

Case studies from current / past students

The Arden Graduate Attributes are an outward-facing mark of our values as an organisation inculcated and embedded in a course of study with us. The Arden Graduate Attributes can be seen below and emanate from and manifest our values and give an indication to employers of the potential of our graduates in terms.

Studying never gets in the way of my day-to-day commitments which is why I chose Arden University as opposed to a traditional campus education.

The Attributes

The set of Arden Graduate Attributes have been taken across the programme specifications at both undergraduate and postgraduate level along with ‘outward facing’ sources of information on what employers seek in graduate appointments.

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