Name: Pauline Banda
Subject: BA Business (Tourism)

Name: Pauline Banda
Subject: BA Business (Tourism)

My course is going very well and tutors at Arden are very helpful.

They say education is key to success, it is very true. However, it matters which school, college or university that one chooses to study with and I chose Arden University. With planning and decision making, I am now able to run my business in a proper way following my checklist as a guideline that I prepared to meet my set goals. All these I learnt through Arden University.

The enrolment was easy as ABC and response to my application was very quick. Juggling work and study is different because when you study online, you study at your pace while working, you go according to time given by the management.

My course is going very well and tutors at Arden are very helpful and my fellow students also very helpful whenever I come across a problem. I salute them all. The course materials are excellent. I never had a problem since I started my course. But whenever someone has got a problem, you just contact the Student Support team to help with your problem. We have a UNITU team where all students and tutors share ideas, as well as announcements. So UNITU is a helpful tool to all students.

At the moment, I am not working. I am doing business by raring broilers for sale while doing my studies. My future plans are to have my own restaurant and, if all goes well, expand into a hotel.

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