All students become members of the Arden University Student Association (AUSA) upon enrolment on a course with Arden University, unless they opt out. The AUSA exists to support the students of Arden University in the following ways:

The AUSA is led by a President, elected by the student body. The current President of the AUSA is:

Maria is studying on Arden’s LLB (Hons) Qualifying Law Degree and is based in Antigua. Her role is:

i. To seek out and represent the views of Arden University’s students, with assistance from elected student representatives and regional vice presidents.

ii. To lead the activities of student representatives and their management of the online student representative forum.

iii. To promote the benefits of membership of the AUSA to the wider student body.

iv. To contribute to the academic management of the University through participation as an ex officio member of the Academic Board.

v. To ensure AUSA cooperation with the University with regard to any regulatory or legislative duties.

vi. To act as an ambassador for Arden University’s students in internal and external activities and forums.

The AUSA incorporates and manages Arden University’s Student Representative System. Up to two student representatives are elected for each course in each mode of study. The main duties of student representatives are:

i. To proactively seek out fellow students’ views, concerns, praise and ideas.

ii. To provide a visible, independent channel for communication and feedback for fellow students who may be more hesitant to contact staff directly.

iii. To attend quarterly Course Committee meetings and present the student feedback that they have collated.

iv. To update the students they represent on any relevant information from the Course Committee meeting.

There are also student representatives serving as members of University committees in order to represent the views of the student body via consultation with other student representatives and to attend and make effective contribution to the relevant committee in the light of such views.

The AUSA is wholly funded by Arden University, but is led by students for students. The university also provides administrative support and an effective communications platform to support the student representative system and the student association.

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