Upskill your staff with Arden University to boost workplace productivity

The benefits of upskilling your workforce are endless. Here are just a few ways that upskilling yourself or your employees can improve productivity and other aspects of your company:

  • Increase in skill level across the business – this one speaks for itself. Sending staff for training will help them acquire new skills and refine those they already have, meaning their work will be completed to a higher standard.
  • Rise in employee satisfaction – providing your staff with training opportunities will make them feel like a valued member of the company. According to research, 57% of employees are interested in receiving training to achieve progression within their current place of employment. This indicates that upskilling plays an important role in staff retention.
  • Boost in company reputation – a natural result of employee satisfaction. If your employees are happy with the training they receive, this will have a positive effect on the company’s reputation, increasing the likelihood of attracting new talent.

Of course, you need to be confident that you're sending your employees somewhere that turns out well-rounded graduates. At Arden, we’re confident that our courses provide a staff training experience worth investing in - that's what makes an Arden graduate different.

So why choose us? Below we answer some of the key challenges faced by businesses today when it comes to employing and retaining the right team, and where we come in.

What's your business issue or challenge?

High staff turnover?

In terms of productivity, cost of recruiting and training, and building long term relationships with customers, high staff turnover has a negative impact on business. A recent LinkedIn survey of more than 10,000 showed that the majority of people leave their jobs to achieve career advancement.

Showing commitment to your workforce’s personal development can help retain valued and skilled individuals and boost morale. Offering access to UK university qualifications can also build loyalty, keeping employees focused and motivated

Worried staff don’t want to work with you long-term?

According to Deloitte's Global 2016 Millennials Study, one in four millennials is looking to change roles in the next year. Almost three quarters of UK millennials do not see themselves with the same employer by 2020. Create opportunities for advancement and development within your own organisation to encourage loyalty and reduce the upheaval and costs of regular recruitment.

Looking to grow talent within?

Investing in existing employees who know the business is beneficial. Many of our students have identified cost savings and new target segments, and introduced process improvements into businesses as a result of their studies. An excellent way to do this is to sponsor an employee.

Download our Employee Sponsorship guide to discover more benefits.

Limited training budget?

Not investing in your employees can be a false economy. From encouraging employee loyalty to increasing valuable business skills, investing in education has financial benefits and sponsoring your employees often provides a good return on investment. We have a range of flexible funding options available - you can find more information here or get in touch to discuss these options in further detail.

Looking to bridge a skills gap?

Part-time and distance learning is a vital component in bridging skills gaps. Returning to learning can allow employees to remain at the forefront of their specialism, whether that is through studying the latest emerging technologies and trends, or formalising the experience they have gained.

Most of our courses are accredited by leading industry bodies such as the CIM, CMI, BPS and APM so you can be sure the qualification is relevant and up-to-date.

Read our Vice-Chancellor’s view on the subject

Can’t afford to let staff take time off work?

It can be difficult to justify allowing your staff time out of the workplace for a return to education, but with our distance learning study mode, they can do both. The majority of our students are working while they study and our degrees have been developed to fit around work commitments.

Read more about distance learning

We aren't the type of company that can do this

If you’re worried that your company might not benefit from the opportunities we have to offer, we can only assure you that our courses have supported a huge variety of different companies by effectively preparing students for the roles they fill. We encourage our students to break free of limitations and become the best they can be.

Here are just some of the companies our sponsored students work for:

Boots, NHS, Oxfam, Brent Council, Mars Drinks UK Ltd, Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Virgin Money and Jaguar Land Rover.

Our flexible and supportive courses are often the start of a journey that sees our students break free of limitations, work hard and become the best they can be. We offer access to degrees, masters and MBA programmes in both online distance learning and flexible on-campus study modes. You can take a look at our courses below. Contact us below to speak to one of our team about how we can help to grow your workforce and increase productivity.

Our partners

We work in partnership with and many of our courses are accredited by professional bodies.

Association for Project Management
British Psychological Society
The Chartered Institute of Marketing
Chartered Management Institute
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